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Designed for Today's Salesreps

For millions of sales professionals, the CRM system promises to be a tool to help them serve prospects and customers. Our mission is to help every sales professional close deals faster by being more responsive to and collaborating with their customers, colleagues and partners.

We aim to make using a CRM system intuitive, productive, and fun:

  • We built Swipe CRM from the ground up with the individual salesrep as our top priority
  • We designed the Swipe CRM user experience for today's touch gestures on tablets, televisions, and computers
  • We ensured that Swipe CRM has all the features that most sales reps need (and threw away esoteric features)
  • We wrote Swipe CRM so sales reps can share their sales information in real-time with anyone on the planet

We believe that if individual sales reps love to create, use and update their CRM system, then the sales manager will benefit from more up-to-date, accurate sales data. By increasing usage of existing CRM systems, we hope to make it a key, important asset for every company.

We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at admin@swipecrm.com.